We Buy Houses Just Like Yours

Are you struggling with the sale of your home? Perhaps you are going through a divorce, facing foreclosure, behind on your taxes, or another situation that has you in need of selling your house fast? You have options. And we buy houses exactly like yours.

Perhaps you’ve seen a sign or heard an ad that we buy houses in Sacramento County and Surrounding Areas, or were sent here from an internet search. You have come to the right place. We can help!

Fair Prices

We may be able to buy your house quickly for a fair price in a matter of a few days. You can usually have an offer in your hands within the first 48 hours. Simply let us know a little bit about the property for sale so we can determine if it will be a win-win scenario for both of us.

We buy houses in Sacramento County and Surrounding Areas in any condition and any price range. You don’t have to do any repairs or any cleaning at all. We handle all the details and you can walk away with a sold house!

If you have a house in Sacramento county, or the surrounding area, that you’d like to sell quickly for a fair price and get a fast closing, call us today at (916) 752-1158. All you need to do is give us a call or fill out our fast response form HERE and we’ll get to work.

The Process

Here’s how the process works:

Since we buy houses in Sacramento County and Surrounding Areas fast and for a fair price, the process is very simple…

1. Call us at (916) 752-1158 or submit a fast response form right now.

2. We’ll do some quick research on your house and let you know if we think it will be a fit for both of us.

3. If your house is a fit for us, we will make a fast, fair, cash offer.

4. DONE! We’ll buy your house, you take your cash and go on with your life!

Stress Free

Take the stress and hassle out of selling your house. Selling a house can be difficult to say the least. Imagine dealing with people tramping through your house, looking at your belongings, the whole time only having the intent to kick tires anyway. Happens all the time.

When you deal directly with us, you can eliminate all that hassle. We buy houses in Sacramento County and Surrounding Areas and it doesn’t matter what condition your property is in. We will evaluate it, handle all of the paperwork, handle the title company and closing. It will be stress-free for you and the process will be done quickly and discreetly.

Contact us today at (916) 752-1158 and let us help you by buying your house quickly for a fair price and close on the date of your choice.